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  • Quality Cuisine
    Executive Chef and Director of Gastronomy, Juan Torres, trained in top culinary schools, has been developing products in Gourmet Catering &Espacios Valencia for over ten years. He is the leader of our “nomadic kitchen” and manages a team of nine head chefs. 

    At the heart of his inspiration lie natural products, free from artificial ingredients. We choose the best seasonal products for our clients, and ensure they are prepared with the most adequate and advanced techniques. We adapt to the tastes of our guests to create tailor-made events accompanied by innovative staging.
  • Traceability
    Gastronomic offerings designed to create excitement. We create traditional elaborations with an avant-garde presentation by understanding the origin of the products, studying their gastronomic roots, and orchestrating the processes. We choose recipes and combinations adapted for every occasion that stimulate all of the senses, not just taste and smell. 
    Today, many of our products come from traceable origins. We believe that great quality raw materials, sustainably sourced, lead to products that are both rich in flavour and nutrition. 

    For us, traceable quality means vegetables free of chemical substances and animal products obtained in adherence with genetic and feed controls.