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  • The Frontal Garden
    A majestic formal garden surrounded by lawns, with hundred- year- old palm trees crowning the main entrance. With an area of10,000 m² , the garden can host events such as open air banquets or civil ceremonies, alongside one of the pergolas and in full view of the impressive façade. Capacity: banquets up to 3,000 guests, cocktails up to 1,800 guests.

  • The Refrectory
    Once the dining room of the Carthusian Monks, this large 250m² space (without columns) is dominated by a large renaissance-style painting from the 18th century. Together with the covered cloister and formal garden it´s the ideal place for celebrations. Capacity: banquets up to 200 guests, cocktails up to 250 guests, meetings up to 250 persons.
  • The Covered Cloister
    The extraordinary beauty and rich architectural value of this cloister make it an incomparable space. The central courtyard is 400 m², while the walkway is 250 m² in size. Today, one of its original fountains can still be admired. Capacity: Banquet in the courtyard up to 350 and in the walkways up to 200 guests.

  • The Hall of Mirrors
    This unique space was originally the church of the Carthusian Monks. Although it hasn´t been renovated, it has a renewed aesthetic which makes it a great exposition space. With 280 m² of floor space, it can be transformed according to the client´s imagination.

  • The Uncovered Cloiser
    The second cloister has the same dimensions as the first and is crowned by the characteristic blue dome of the church, the perfect backdrop for summer soirees. Here, guests can enjoy marvellous views of the facade by the moonlight. Capacity: Banquets in the courtyard up to 350, and in the walkway up to 200 guests.

  • The Hotel Garden
    The original design of this garden is surprising. Making use of the old houses of the Carthusian community, the garden is formed by the former vegetable gardens of each of the old houses. The separating walls and some of their old wells have been conserved. Capacity: Banquets up to 300 and cocktails up to 400 guests.

  • Diverse Uses
    This former monastery has been hosting business and social events since 2001. The progressive reformation of the venue means that it can offer the client a series of spaces from 22 m² to 800 m² in size, with a total of 2,800 m² of useable space. The large 5,000 m² cloister to the rear of the building permits the installation of large structure capable of staging bigger events.

Cartuja de Ara Christi

Ctra. Vieja de Barcelona, km 13,30.
46540 El Puig, Valencia.
Cartuja de Ara Christi +34 96 141 41 95
Oficina central Gourmet: +34 96 353 05 44
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